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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mortgage Broker?

- In Manitoba, we have completed the required education and are licensed through the Manitoba Securities Commission as a Mortgage Salesperson. They provide oversight and regulation to our industry.

What do you actually do?

- As a licensed Mortgage Salesperson, I work for my clients through my access to well over 30 lenders to find them the best rate, terms and conditions to fit their financial needs.

How do I get approved?


Having the right mortgage is vital to your financial well-being! Just  as you would consult a professional to manage your investments, you  should have a professional manage your mortgage financing - and Castle Mortgages is the right place to start.

Before making an Offer to Purchase, it is very important to know  what type of mortgage financing you are qualified or pre-approved for.  Our pre-approval process considers your total financial picture in order  to assess the borrowing limit for your new home. This will include a  credit check. Rest assured that the process is highly confidential and  we treat your personal information with absolute discretion.

At the end of the process (which does not take very much time at  all), you will get a Letter of Pre-Approval that can be shared with the  realtor and the seller of the home you want to buy. The letter gives  everyone the confidence to proceed (and could also give you the edge in a  bidding war!).

As part of the process, we will be able to provide you with an  interest rate that will hold firm for three or four months so you can  take your time knowing that your rate is secure.

What kind of home can I afford right now?


This is the most frequently asked  question that we at Castle Mortgage Group hear on a daily basis, and it  should be! In order to properly and carefully work with each one of our  clients to determine the correct answer that question, we must complete  our pre-approval process. We thoroughly consider all of your personal  employment information, your personal credit history, current debt  obligations and perform some specific mortgage calculations to determine  your overall debt service ratios.

Buying and owning your own home is fantastic, however being  mortgage poor is not! We need to ensure that you can easily afford all  the payments involved in home ownership, only one of which is the  mortgage payment. We must take into consideration the mortgage payment,  property tax payment, utilities, condominium fees (if applicable), as  well as home insurance, repairs and maintenance, and more, to ensure  that these new payments will not jeopardize your overall lifestyle.

You can trust that at Castle Mortgage Group, we will take the  proper care to ensure that the home that you purchase is appropriate to  your individual financial position and you can still decorate and  furnish it to your liking!

Check out our TIPS page for additional downloadable information!

Learn More

The mortgage process can be overwhelming, if you have additional questions not shown here, please give us a call or fill out the contact form.

We want to help educate our clients and take the stress out of your mortgage financing process.

We encourage you to start the process of applying online today! This is a key step in opening up access to all the lenders my team and I work with, to provide you with the best options available.